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fabric installs new soundsystem in Room Two





It’s that time of the year again, the transfer market is a wash with activity and now the clubs are getting in on the action, no Craig Richards isn’t going to Ministry with Lee Osborne coming back on a Free, instead it’s the actual venues making the change in this case its fabric, who are changing it up in room 2 with a brand new beast of soundsystem in the Pioneer XY system swapping out their Martin Audio system.  The eagle-eyed Data Transmission reader, will have noticed they used Pioneer system in their fabric tent at Lovebox in London a few weekends ago.

According to RA, they will be replacing the Martin Audio setup, with part of the XY range which is armed with 26 speakers and supplies the DJ booth with two subs and four tops.

Keith Reynolds, fabric’s technical manager, said the decision was informed by Pioneer’s catering to “club and electronic music orientated” contexts, where other audio brands target the live music arena. Also the Pioneer system also triumphed in a shootout against other manufacturers.

fabric will celebrate the new system with launch parties on August 19th and 20th.


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