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Fabric Give Away Jesse Rose’s ‘Touch ‘N’ Tease’

jesse rose
Yes, it lived up to our lofty expectations and yes we have had it on repeat more than Friends, Scrubs and whatever else E4 are squeezing the life out of these days. Still don’t have a clue what we waffling on about? Well allow us to enlighten you. We are of course referring to Jesse Rose official FABRICLIVE mix.
Stepping up to helm the 85th edition of long running series, the globe trotting Londoner – who now lives between Barcelona and Los Angeles – has enjoyed a fruitful time of late, launching a second record label called A-Sided and releasing a number of well-heeled, house-tailored productions.
“I was in the middle of a six month tour of the world when I was asked to do the mix, so I was constantly finding decks in the middle of the night in these far-flung locations, to have a mix and make sure it had the right feel,” Jesse reveals. “I actually ended up mixing the compilation in New Jersey, Los Angeles and Sydney. Although I mixed it in three parts which I later stitched together, it was mixed live as I wanted it to represent how I would play in the club, to sound personal to what I do and not computerised.”
With Rose’s instalment of FABRICLIVE having arrived earlier in the month, you can now download mix cut ‘Touch ‘N’ Tease’  courtesy of fabric’s SoundCloud page below.


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