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Exclusive Download: Traxman – Sound Filed (Memory9 7/4 Edit)



Fans of DT may remember Memory9 curing our post New Year’s blues earlier in the year with an exclusive mix as part of our mix of the day series. Well now he’s returned to Data Transmission to kickstart your week by offering a free download of his re-edit of Traxman’s classic cut ‘Sound Filed’. An experiment in polyrhythm’s and odd meters Memory9  reimagine’s a 160bpm footwork track on a 7/4 meter.’ The result is a complex example of electronic production that exhibits Memory9’s influences. He has maintained the juke rhythm from the original Traxman tune but has added rolling and bassier layers to the track as he explains:

“My friend Flow Yo gave me the idea to mangle a Traxman track. I thought I’d see what could be done with 7/4 at 160. Turns out you can do some pretty wild stuff, like if you put a 4 back over a 7, then you find yourself with a kind of hip hop feel. I actually became pretty excited about this edit, sent a VIP out to some heads and got some really enthusiastic feedback. I asked Corky and Planet Mu of they’d be ok with me putting this out as a free dl, and them both being rather excellent and generous said yes, so here we are.”

The free download serves as a marker in a particularly prolific period for Memory9 who has also been in the studio working with innovator and prolific producer DJ Vadim and has a number of new projects on the go including a recording session with key members of the acclaimed reggae collective Easy star all-stars which is slated to arrive later in the year. This follows news of Memory9 streaming sessions live from his studio with a number of guest musicians and finally his working towards a new release of which the details are still under wraps which is set to land this November. We’ve been sworn to secrecy as to what he’s up to but can confirm that it’s a project sure to garner plenty of excitement upon it’s announcement. Until then enjoy this free download and keep it locked at DT for all the latest news regarding Memory9!

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