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Eskimo Recordings Announce ‘The Blue Collection’



Based around colours and the emotions associated with them, the acclaimed Ghent based imprint handpick twelve brand new songs with exquisite care encompassing a range of sounds through indie dance, nu disco and electronica, showcasing the diversity of their artists and reassuring that Eskimo still stands for timeless quality and originality. Darting between the electronic pop of Atella, the familiar vocals of Róisín Murphy in collaboration with Freeform Five, as well as heralding an army of new faces and talent from far afield create this collection such as Blamma! Blamma! and Blende,Blue’ is being billed “a melting pot of beguiling sounds” spanning two CDs  and coming complete with a bonus mix of the tracks this may be an early contender in regards to our favorite compilations of the year when it drops on February 24th.

Check out the tracklist below:


  1. Atella – The Monster
  2. Freeform Five feat. Róisín Murphy – Leviathan
  3. Deadbots – UFRST
  4. Julian Sanza feat. Future Feelings – The Feeling
  5. Blende – Rikki (Le Crayon Remix)
  6. Volta Cab – Smoke Some Kill
  7. Michoacan – The Kingdom Of Heaven Is At Hand
  8. Satin Jackets – Night Keys
  9. Blamma! Blamma! feat. Kristina Train – Zsa Zsa
  10. NTEIBINT feat. Stella – Never Without You
  11. Pete Oak feat. Emeron & Fox – N.O.V.A.
  12. Eelke Kleijn – A Tale Of Two Lovers