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Eric Lake debuts ‘Burning Up EP’ with hit ‘Those’ with Andy Immerman



A DJ first and foremost, Eric Lake has spent more than 10 years moving dance floors with his genre-bending DJ sets; not being afraid to lead crowds through unexpected turns that excite devoted students of dance music but don’t alienate the casual clubgoer.

His experience began in Eugene, then took it to Portland and eventually relocated to Denver in 2013 where Eric now brings his own brand of funky house music to the Broadway clubs as a resident DJ for TheHundred Presents and their much-admired weekly pizza party STEAM Wednesday. He is also responsible for heading the 90’s SNAP party series which has continuously sold out for more than two years.

Recently his focus has shifted to production where his eclectic influences shine through as he brings a fresh perspective and a playful attitude to hypnotic beats with his eurorack and analog synths. The result is his debut release for him and on THNK TNK Records titled ‘Burning Up EP’.

We’re just focusing on the B side in this review, with “Those”, a collaborative effort deep house cut between Eric and Andy Immerman. Combining sultry vocals and upbeat stabs, secondary piano notes come into play before diving into the main melody with the breakdown, while oh so subtle, presents itself and the perfect time and is well worth the wait.

Look out for him to keep making waves in the Denver music scene and beyond in the coming months as he continues to craft his sound, play some amazing parties and open for world-renowned DJs like Darius. Check out the whole EP here.