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EMUH releases on Admit One Records


EMUH relies on the sounds and stories of the technology around him, as well as his experiences, to construct unique musical environments.

You can find his music on imprints including Kolme Records, Box of Cats, Brash Beats, Desert Hearts, Hood Politics, Perfect Driver, Main Course, Audiophile XXL, My Techno Weighs a Ton, Laser Native and White Widow just to name a few. His performances are full of unreleased music, edits and reworks, an unforgettable experience for tired ears. Regardless of where your interests lie, EMUH’s music has tangible emotive elements for all walks of life.

On Tuesday 10th, he releases his ‘Kinda Stopped Doing Drugs’ EP on Admit One Records. We premiere ‘Nothing Said’ today for you, check it out below.