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Emmanuel announces his ‘Rave Culture LP’


Emmanuel’s debut LP ‘Rave Culture’ which is due out on 25th September 2017 via Arts Records is a record that pushes the boundaries of techno to another level and is his largest achievement yet and aims to showcase who he is.

Ten cuts that are committed to fill a space in the rave scene that no one else has done in terms of Power, Experimentation, work of Soul and most of all showing respect for the old-school way of doing things.  He directs the listener to unknown territory keeping them very concentrated on a Rave scenario,but also giving them different reasons to think, act & explode – all with the right balance.

Deadly floor massacre weapons and well crafted heavy bass works elevate to a modern way of thinking as well as challenging the dancer to think forward and get inspired.

Rave has never been so alive and this is the testimony of it all. ‘Emmanuel – Rave Culture’

Track list:
A1. Shinobi 忍び
A2. Chainreaction
B1. Conductor
B2. Anthem 1
B3. Simmetria
C1. Ultratribe
C2. Pixel Drifter
C3. Do Something Instead Of Killing Time Because Time Is Killing You
D1. Killer Floor
D2. Principio di Forza