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EMBRZ presents his debut album Moments


Irish electronic music producer EMBRZ releases his debut album Moments, out now via Lane 8‘s This Never Happened label.

Breaking on to the scene, with radio support from BBC Radio 1, as well as providing European tour support for the likes of Shallou, and SG Lewis, EMBRZ continues to make his mark on the chill electronic stage. His latest is a mix of organic and electronic elements which convey emotions and feelings EMBRZ attempted to put into words and sound.

I always remember where I was when I write a song, what was going on at the time, what I was feeling etc… and I feel like the album is a collection of all these different ‘moments’ over the past 6 months. Like an audible diary or calendar for me to look / listen back on.

I’ve always been fascinated with how music can make me feel nostalgic. Feeling connected to a memory through sound. It’s a conflictory feeling, because you’re sad that a moment in time has passed, but happy it happened. That duality of feeling happy and sad is always what I’m aiming for in my music and this album.

Take flight, stream Moments below on Spotify, and check out his latest single with Emily Nance “Sleeptalking”