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Electronic Music Museum To Open In Frankfurt



Ever thought that electronic music needed a museum to document and celebrate its undoubtedly massive contribution to contemporary art and culture? No, us neither but that doesn’t stop us being incredibly excited at the news that one is on the way.

Scheduled to open in 2017 in the centre of the techno fuelled metropolis that is Frankfurt, The MOMEM – or Museum of Modern Electronic Music promises to be quite a different establishment to many of the boring institutions you may have visited as a child on school trips – we still shudder at the thought of returning to the British Lawnmower Museum – instead focusing on the here and now to offer up an “experience which sensitizes for many electronic aspects of life: sound, Fashion, tools, apps, Club Culture, premises, medial Hill, interaction.”

Sound good? We thought it might. Head to www.momem.org for more details.