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E1sbar drop new album ‘Looser Futurism’


E1sbar have released their new album ‘Looser Futurism’ on Polar Vortex.

The album, explores our modern landscape as a place with an unparalleled freedom of mobility, but not without a sense of distance. Drawn from vocalist Piper Davis’s experiences as a flight attendant and, in her words, “the nebulous dream world of aviation,” Looser Futurism’s eleven songs touch on themes that are at times personal, but also universal. “Sometimes I feel like I’ve escaped life onto a cloud of jet-lag,” says Davis. “Trying to navigate life, relationships, and goals when I’m always off the earth … it’s as if I’m a buzzing, blinking neon sign in a strip mall in the middle of nowhere.”

For Piper Davis and Francisco Cueto their landscape is separated by nearly 500 with the former in Toronto and the later in Washington, D.C. and they’ve never met nor have spoken on the phone. But as E1sbar the two seamlessly collaborate on an ethereal style of electronic pop that encapsulates the allure of traveling without moving. Wherever you go, there you are.

We premiere the video of ‘The ‘So Long’ Gemini’ track of the album today for your listening delights.


E1sbar – In Bronze
E1sbar – The ‘So Long’ Gemini
E1sbar – Arc
E1sbar – Long Bow
E1sbar – Cold Love of Rococo
E1sbar – Transference
E1sbar – Looser Futurism
E1sbar – A Million Years
E1sbar – Lore