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Drumcomplex releases ‘Disco’ on EI8HT


EI8HT Records is the brand-new collaboration between longtime friends and DJ partners, Eats Everything and Andres Campo. Their aim? To focus on forward thinking techno that transcends through soulful and emotive electronic music, to high energy groove-laden club tracks. They want fans to experience their imagination and creativity with a string of releases derived from their undeniable love of electronic music.

After the huge success of the debut release by Avision, Ei8ht proudly present the uncompromising talents of Drumcomplex with an astounding 3 track EP.

Since the 90s, Drumcomplex is a DJ, producer, label owner and crowd favourite. With a discography that spans from Carl Cox’s Intec and Monika Kruse’s Terminal M to Andre Crom’s OFF Recordings, his tough, funky tech style has continued to impress for 20 years.

Our premieres is the title track, Disco, is a lighter affair with bubbling synths and sparse percussion. Hypnotic and relentless, its appeal is hard to miss – check it out below and grab a copy here.

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