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Downlowd is back with ‘Well Connected’


El Paso, Texas based Downlowd is back from a long hiatus with ‘Well Connected,’ out now on label imprint Lowdcraft.

With his latest, Downlowd wants to give his fans the opportunity to connect with the story of the brand, apart from him as a DJ. Here’s what he had to comment: ‘Beyond songs and musical performances, this project is about bringing people together and melding our spirit of adventure with an experience that transcends the dance floor…’  ‘Well Connected’ just does that, it connects us all to the “world wide web,” guided by a Siri-like vocal.

With official remixes for Tommie Sunshine, and countless bootlegs varying in style, supported by Kissy Sellout, and Mumbai Science, the Texan DJ is experimenting with his sound, sounding like a hybrid between acid house, and dark electronica.

Downlowd ‘Well Connected’ is available NOW from Here!