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Douglas Greed releases ‘The Mechanical Bride’ EP via Mobilee


Douglas Greed started his path under this moniker in 2005 with the desire for a straight bass drum and the attitude of a music lover. Before he was on the hip-hop and drum and bass trip with the pseudonym “Real” (Bionic Crew).

Most recently he is an organizer and recording artist still; despite his many outgrowths. Meanwhile, the enthusiastic music lover and indie music connoisseur has managed a considerable number of releases on straightforward labels like Combination, Lebensfreude, Kindisch, Infiné, Dekadent, Ostwind, Acker and of course Freude am Tanzen, as well as his upcoming two-track ‘The Mechanical Bride’ EP via Mobilee.

We premiere the lead track ‘The Mechanical Bride’ for you listening delights today – check it out below and grab a copy here.

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