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DONT BLINK are ‘Moving On’ with New Label


DONT BLINK continue their assault on the Tech House scene and signal their intentions for a massive year in 2019 with the launch of their brand-new label LOW CEILING.

Kicking off with our premiere today, the release of “MOVING ON,” it’s all about high energy house music, as big rolling basslines and cool vocal samples position their new outlet on the cutting edge of the underground. Complete with upfront remixes from rising talents Samuel Dan and Space Food, LOW CEILING stands to become the new home for the music, artists, and experience that DONT BLINK’s distinctive yet approachable Tech House sound represents.

“Cool vocal samples, a fat low end, and no sacrifices in the low end. Nowadays tracks can be a bit softer in the low end, but DONT BLINK stands for peak time music. Big builds, but a good groove. Even though the track explodes at the drop, it brings you back to the groove right away.”

DONT BLINK – MOVING ON (incl. Samuel Dan & Space Food Remixes) is available exclusively on Beatport today!

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