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DONKONG releases two track EP on Confession Records


German DJ/producers DONKONG have been building a name for themselves in the bass scene, picking up international support from their peers. Their latest EP ‘Never Meant To Be / Work’ is released on Confession Records.

‘Never Meant To Be / Work’ is a two track sample filled EP, which intentionally covers two different emotions sonically, with one being more fluid, and less aggressive than the other. The duo dives deeper into the concept of love with their latest, and how it will all be redefined as artificial intelligence and technology advances.

Love is something interpersonal. However, artificial intelligence will soon be so advanced that we will have to redefine the term. With technological progress, we are gradually raising a non-living device to a human level, and once we have created artificial intelligence with the capacity for emotion, we must ask ourselves the ethical question of whether we continue to “use” machines or enter into some kind of relationship with them. Where is the boundary between lovable and lower machines? And do we have to ask ourselves this question today in our dealings with animals?

Stream ‘Never Meant To Be/ Work’ below, and make sure to follow DONKONG on Spotify to keep up with new music.