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Dominante releases on UNER’s label Solar Distance



UNER’s label Solar Distance presents Dominante who is a talented artist making his debut release with this EP.

Having no previous releases little is known about Dominante, but letting his music do the talking it’s clear he has a raw talent with big future ahead of him. Solar Distance prior to this EP has featured music from a variety of artists including SIS, Petar Dundov, Alex Kennon, Fideles, Monkey Safari and Mark Alow along with UNER himself.

Always expanding its family, Dominante is the latest member to be welcomed into the Solar Distance fold, and his four-track debut EP is a blend of jackin’ grooves and uplifting melodies. Our premiere “Question” is all about the chord stabs and the energy they bring to the track. Somehow reminiscent to the Detroit classic “Strings Of Life” but in no way similar, this is perhaps the go-to track on the EP.

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