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DJ Sneak and Seth Troxler Blast Each Other On Twitter



Is there a DJ out there that DJ Sneak hasn’t had some sort of ‘beef’ with on twitter? That latest artist to incur the wrath of the Puerto Rican veteran is none other than popular house DJ and all round eccentric Seth Troxler.

The latest online altercation started good natured enough after referring to a BBQ cook off between the pair that Sneak edged by a point with the ‘House Gangster’ tweeting “I already school dude on BBQ skills. I need better challengers.” Seth then replied: “So when’s the rematch then, you one point winning cheating ass trick? Schooled would mean winning by a vast majority you didn’t its obvious I run circles around you on the decks old man. #topofmygame.”

That’s when things got ratcheted up a notch with Sneak going on the offensive stating “Please dude. You’re not in my level. Talk to me in 23 years chump. I don’t think you can make it. Good luck kid. I’m a foundation. You’re a trend soon to be forgotten by a new one coming.”

Seth then decided to attempt to calm the situation realizing that this is a regular occurrence for his BBQ loving rival and departed from the argument with  “I’m over this @DJ_Sneak stop dispensing homespun advice in a bid to gain popularity/develop reputation for folksy wisdom. #takingthehighroad

Sneak then carried on spouting venom saying “Tired of these ketamine hype DJs with chips on their shoulders. Dude can’t produce never mind grillin’”

All in all another storm in a teacup . Another day and another set of tweets from DJ Sneak lambasting his younger rivals, anyone might think that this act is getting tiresome. Let the records do the talking!


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