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DJ Sliink announces Sirius XM “Global Culture” radio show


Fresh off the release of his Doja Cat’s “Streets” remix alongside Disclosure, New Jersey native DJ/producer DJ Sliink has been staying busy, as he announces the launch of “Global Culture,” his brand new weekly radio show on Sirius XM Diplo’s Revolution. The show debuts this Sunday April 4th, 9PM EST/ 6PM PST, on Sirius XM’s channel 52.

As one of Billboard’s 2020 “Agent of Change,” Sliink intends to continue to push forward the underground scene to a bigger audience. He shares with us “being able to be on this platform is a real opportunity to continue the work that still needs to be done. This is a chance to bring all the underground music to a global spectrum. This is a chance for everyone equally. It’s a win for everybody!”

We’ve been fans of DJ Sliink and watched his profile in music grow over the years. He is a pioneer in dance music, creating new genres and styles that many others now follow and mimic. Sliink joining SiriusXM is an important step forward in bringing fans and subscribers the many styles that live within the electronic music category,VP of Electronic and Dance Music Programming at SiriusXM, Geronimo adds.

We caught up with the DJ to ask ask him a few questions on the radio show.

What changes have you seen since you sharing your experience last year on Billboard Dance?

There have been more open opportunities for BIPOC, more awareness in general. There’s definitely been a shake-up in the industry, but there is still more work to be done. This show is a good step in the right direction towards a more level playing field.

What can we expect from Global Culture radio?

For me, it’s always been about putting on for the culture. Global culture is going to highlight emerging artists from around the world. You can expect to hear the music you might not hear on the radio or edits or remixes that never gets the deserving platform—also, tons of exclusives, remixes & world premieres. I’m here to educate and bring awareness, and put great music on.  

And what does Global Culture mean to you?

Global Culture for me are the artists, the music, and the sounds from across the world. The regional, sub-genres and local cultures add so much flavor and help grow and evolve dance music. We need to embrace this.

Stream DJ Sliink’s latest remix for Doja Cat “Streets” and listen to DJ Sliink’s “Global Culture” on Diplo’s Revolution, Channel 52 on SiriusXM, this Sunday, April 4th, 9 PM EST, 6 PM PST.