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DJ Rae gives our first ‘Work Out’ Tracks for 2018


Eaten your weight in Christmas food (for us it was cheeselets!) over the past two weeks,  well its time to get back to the gym or start those ‘New Year, New Me’ plans – good luck if its the later, try not to conquer the world in the first week.  We’ve asked DJ Rae to give our Work Out tracks a brand new refresh for 2018, she’s picked some of the music she likes to work out too.

Acclaimed Producer, DJ, Singer and Songwriter, DJ Rae, who has released on many of the world’s top labels, adds yet another string to her impressive bow by unveiling her own label, RATED, her latest release, ‘Crazy’ with Felix Baumgartner has just been released and was premiered by MistaJam on Saturday’s R1 Dance Anthems  (Buy/stream at http://smarturl.it/ma3pzq). Based in London, the continually rising star has a ton going for her, yet she remains as an extremely down-to-earth person that any girl can relate to. Rae’s definitive sound resonates through the genres.

So get pounding those streets, use that membership – that you are paying out for and go get healthy!

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