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DJ Gregory Revives G Point



Veteran French DJ and producer DJ Gregory has announced the launch of a new vinyl only imprint as an outlet for his upcoming Point G releases. First seen in 1997 the Gallic DJ has revived the 90’s moniker that has become as legendary as it elusive to find one of the original 12” released under the alias. So it is with great excitement that we can confirm that Point G is back in label format and with a series of fresh releases on the horizon as well as rumored reissues of older hard to come by classics.

We’re loving the resurgence of vinyl here at DT and with Point G joining the ranks in addition to other excellent vinyl other imprints such as Andrew Weatherall’s ‘Bird Scarer’  and the re-opening of the archives by institutions such as Tresor the future of the purest format in music looks bright. Very bright indeed.

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