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DJ 3000 serves up ‘Hajde EP’



Motech maestro, DJ 3000 serves up the next EP for his Detroit label.

His imprint has always been synonymous with quality Detroit techno that conforms to ‘no rules’, and the ‘Hajde EP’ delivers four tracks that will provide solid ammunition for a plethora of dance floors, from the sunswept hedonism of Ibiza’s terraces to the dark and dirty pulsing main rooms of Berlin.

DJ 3000 explores the rawer side of techno with this EP, which gives nod to his Albanian roots, the title track our debut transmission ‘Hajde’ further demonstrates DJ 3000’s ability to transition between more Eurocentric styles of techno, yet still achieving to lock the listener in with grooves that are the signature of a DJ 3000 production.

Check it out below and grab a copy on Beatport.

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