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Disclosure announce three new tracks!


Disclosure have announced “We’re back!!” on social media

They’ve released three new tracks on SoundCloud ‘Ecstasy‘, ‘Tondo‘ and ‘Expressing What Matters‘ all with big disco samples.

Speaking about the ‘Ecstasy’ release, the duo, comprising brothers Howard and Guy Lawrence, said: “This song came into existence early 2019 during a writing session at Guy’s house in London. We were curiously chopping up samples from various ’70s disco and soul records when, suddenly, “Fantasy” by Aquarium Dream gave us the exact thing we were searching for. This song is made entirely to get a human being to their feet and directly to the dance floor.”

Speaking about ‘Tondo’ they said “Over the past few years, we’ve been exploring more and more African genres of music. This specific track samples the great Cameroonian musician Eko Roosevelt. Another one designed for the dance floor”

Speaking about ‘Expressing What Matters’ they said “This track samples the legendary song Lowdown by Boz Scaggs. We really wanted to try and focus in on those wonderful backing vocals that permeate through the original & give it such soul. They ended up becoming the focal point of the entire track.. chopped and skewed to their limit. The whole thing was one big audio science experiment for us.”


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