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Disc World to Open in London with Your Help


Two DJs, Producers and vinyl enthusiasts Chris and Lewis have set up a Kickstarter campaign to hopefully raise enough funds to open a new record shop in London. The vision for Disc World is to create a record shop, specializing but not limited to underground dance music. They will also offer a walk-in dubplate cutting service through their already successful venture 1-800-Dubplate.

Clients and shoppers will be able to purchase the latest in cutting edge dance music and also get their own music cut to dubplate to play at gigs or for their own personal pleasure.

Chris and Lewis aim to make Disc World a cultural hub for underground dance music in Deptford, South-East London. This creative, diverse, up & coming area has quick links to the City and currently has no dance music record shops anywhere nearby.

They will be creating a haven for dance music fans to discover new music and meet people with a shared interest. They will be offering talks and workshops about making music, learning to DJ, how to get your music out there… amongst other topics.

Why should you support?

Chris and Lewis are both genuinely passionate about dance music and vinyl records. Over the last ten years, they have both been dedicated and experienced in buying, selling, making and releasing music – and this is the next step in both their journey’s, doing their bit for the music scene.

By pledging, you will be actively helping them create a cultural environment for everyone to enjoy as well as contributing to the London music community and Deptford itself. They want this to be more than just a shop. They want this will be a space for people to hang out, make new friends, find new music and hopefully further their knowledge through workshops, talks and clubs.

For more info and to show your support for Chris and Lewis in their quest to open Disc World simply click here

We need your help to successfully open and launch, London's premiere underground dance music record shop!For more info & to pledge, visit www.disc-world.com

Posted by 1-800-Dubplate on Thursday, 31 October 2019