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Dimension Live: What To Expect


UK Drum & Bass titan, Dimension, has finally revealed the anticipated details for his forthcoming sold-out first ever live show, aptly titled…DIMENSION LIVE. Taking place at London’s Electric Brixton this Saturday (5th October), DIMENSION LIVE promises to be the first immersive, multi-sensory experience in dance music history. This will include a 50-piece state-of-the-art lighting system, laser walls, the largest LED screen ever to be installed in the venue, pyrotechnics and for the first time in a live music environment…scent technology. Sounds absolutely amazing, right?! But there’s still more to come!

Fundamental to the performance, DIMENSION LIVE will be based around a showpiece glass mechanical structure, manufactured by INPLAS – a film set and fabrication company whose clients include George Lucas (Star Wars), Ridley Scott (Prometheus), HBO (Game of Thrones), Christopher Nolan (The Dark Knight, Inception) and more. The instrumentation installed in the glass unit has been engineered from the ground up by Dimension, in collaboration with toy manufacturer Josh Wilde. Every unit is handmade, completely bespoke, and created using 3D printing technology.

The custom made desk will also house the components that trigger the state-of-the-art scent technology, complementing the visual, lighting, and the whole aesthetic of the show. This will create a totally unique sensory experience.

“Dimension came to us with a vision of wanting to create a show-stopping piece that nobody else on this planet has ever owned or has ever seen. We managed to turn Dimension’s vision for a showpiece into an unbelievable reality by designing and producing a totally bespoke performance structure, made entirely from clear acrylic. Not only is the desk unique in every way, it’s been tailor-made to suit Dimensions stature and performance needs. We managed to not only create a very practical piece of musical equipment, but also… an amazing piece of art. We never shy away from any project, no matter how big or small and we always put our heart and soul into everything we do. We’re very proud of this piece and we really look forward to seeing the pioneering genius of Dimension performing on stage with it.” – Steven O’Halloran from INPLAS, who manufactured the glass structure

“Dimension uses a combination of controllers and faders in his sets, each one with its own circuitry and design. Rob’s vision was to peel back the dull shell that hides the controllers’ inner workings and reveal what was going on underneath with glass casing. We decided on which instruments would work best and then custom-built new housing using a combination of laser-etching and 3D printed components. This allowed for custom equipment, wholly unique to Dimension and his show.” – Josh Wilde, who redesigned the instrumentation

Having sold out all previous headline shows, including fabric and E1 in London, 2019 looks set to be a defining year for Dimension.



Posted by Dimension on Monday, 10 June 2019

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