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Desert Sound Colony Preps Second EP for Scissor and Thread


DSC-press-pic-01Following up the success of his 2014 EP, The Way I Began, Desert Sound Colony returns to celebrated Brooklyn imprint, Scissor and Thread, with the 4-track Cracks In My Soul EP.

Continuing with the same quirky, sonic blend of indietronica and psychedelic fuzz, DSC develops on his previous work by playing with structure and rhythm. Obvious comparisons include The xx and East India Youth, with some elements venturing into Stone Roses territory, however, according to DSC this isn’t intentional.

“I try to not let anything influence me too much when it comes to writing the DSC stuff,” he tells Data Transmission. “It mostly came about from spending a few months tucked away in my house and not really listening to much else. I guess if anything has influenced the songs it would be solitude.”

Well, if it’s good enough for a label that boasts the unique sounds of Gry Bagøien and Bob Moses, then it’s good enough for us. DSC recognises the importance of having Scissor and Thread behind him too. “Both EPs have been mixed in the S&T studio in New York and that alone had a profound effect on the final sound of the music,” he says.  “On top of that Francis and Anthony are fantastic as label bosses. They care so much about pushing creativity and craft, it is a joy to work with them.”

Cracks In My Soul is set to drop April 27th, stream the tracks below and keep up-to-date with DSC via his Facebook and Twitter.


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