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Debut Transmission: Denney – Bambuco



New projects are always exciting and the 20/20 Editions label is establishing itself as a great label.

With two fantastic releases under their belt, they are now proud to present the third by a man who knows a thing about hard work and dedication in Data Transmission firm favourite Denney. Hailing from Leeds, he risen through the ranks to achieve global support, now regularly producing and DJing with legends of the scene. With a unique sound, incorporating everything from UK rave culture to futuristic electronica, his music is far from predictable and these two original tracks which highlight the eternity of the Roland TB-303 are no different.

The release opens with todays Debut Transmission ‘Bambuco’, a track laced with tight percussion, infectious acid lines and ravey stabs. All of this works alongside a relentless bassline and driving hi-hats to make the perfect dancefloor track. The EP finishes with a remix of ‘Bambuco’ from 20/20 Vision family member, The Mekanism, which is pretty special!

Denney’s ‘Bambuco EP’ is out on 25th April.


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