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Dejot releases his debut album ‘Uhujano’


Have you ever been to ‘Uhujano’?

It’s definitely a place to visit! Especially if you’re into progressive club music, the type with a bit of that experimental bite and a sun-tinged aura.

You won’t find it on any map and a google search won’t help you much either. What you can do, though, is get yourself the latest full length from Swiss producer Dejot – aka Daniel Jakob – put it on, crank up that volume to an obnoxious thump and go apeshit!

‘Uhujano’ is the result of the artist’s 3-month long stay in Johannesburg, South Africa, tons of sessions with local artists which resulted in something like 40 tracks.

A two-year-long production process ensued and what resulted is this obscenely addictive material. The record features some of the most important alternative artists from South Africa: Moonchild Sanelly (know for her work with SPOEK, on tour recently with DIE ANTWOORD), RMBO of the legendary BLK JKS, Robert Machiri, Radio 123 etc. And the release is front to back (it’s also available on cassette) filled with sunny mid-tempo club bangers. It’s not exactly the sound of South Africa because Dejot is, in the end, a Swiss artist and definitely has his own thing going on, but it’s a perfect satellite hybrid.

It’s also worth mentioning that the record was constructed from tons of field recordings which Dejot made down in South Africa, and then processed the shit out of. So outside of having the perfect soundtrack for a Spring barbecue, there’s plenty to discover while listening to these songs on headphones. 

‘Uhujano’ is out on the Bernese boutique imprint Mouthwatering Records, while the cassettes can be purchased directly from the artist via Bandcamp. UHUJANO! 

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