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Deejay Astral – Aquamarine



Although the word banger may not be your initial thought when you hear this track, the fat bassline coupled with the haunting vocal sample does give it more of a danceability than your run of the mill deep/minimal tech song. ‘Aquamarine’ might not fill a 10PM dance floor, but it could definitely bring a 4am crowd back to life.

We bring you a chilled out track today called ‘Aquamarine’ by Deejay Astral released through Steel City Dance Discs. This wispy yet groovy track comes courtesy of Deejay Astral aka Palace.

The tone of this track combines the more upbeat sound of Deejay Astral’s releases as Palace with the more emotional sounds of his Deejay Astral projects, but taking both elements on a spaced out trip. It’s what an astronaut spinning Detroit house on the moon would drop… or not. Either way it is a great track worthy of a listen.


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