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Debut Transmission: Tiefschwarz – Downstairs



“Wow, 10 years already – time flies by so quickly. I’m really happy that we came that far.. It was a bumpy adventures road but it was also worth every second. So many great artists, so much great music – I don’t want to put anybody in the spotlight here and I’m proud of every track and every artist who came on the ride with us. Thank you very much guys – lets dance towards the next 10…” – Ali Tiefschwarz

Souvenir are very happy to celebrate their 10th year anniversary of Souvenir Music this year and in a world where everyone is longing for Andy Warhol’s‚ fifteen minutes of fame’, where the musical landscape is defined by short-term hypes, fast-paced trends and stars fading the second they rise, 10 years seem like an astronomical era. Berlin-based Souvenir label is amongst the few electronic music labels who have proven they are here to stay.

For label-owner and DJ Ali Schwarz, who co-founded Souvenir with his brother and Tief-schwarz -partner Basti in 2006, Souvenir entered the stage in the midst of the changing electronic music scene in Berlin.  Tiefschwarz created Souvenir as a matter of the heart and has always been true to a pure, oldschool label philosophy, as it is a platform for long-term musical companions and aspiring newcomers alike.  Our Debut Transmission today comes from Tiefschwarz to celebrate their anniversary..


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