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Debut Transmission: Sunset Graves – The Inexhaustable (Extract 1)


Processed with VSCOcam with c7 preset Andy Fosberry, aka Sunset Graves, is set to drop new album In Blood via 3rd And Debut on March 25th.

The release will be Fosberry’s fourth album in only three years, offering six tracks that don’t just blur genre lines but remove them altogether. In Blood brims with excitable electronica, each cracked beat flavoured with influences from throughout the rich history of dance music.

Debut Transmission ‘The Inexhaustable’ sees the UK producer strap on his techno specs, turning out a hypnotic piece driven by dusty, jittering synths and pit-a-pat percussion.

“Out of all the long tracks I wrote for In Blood, ‘The Inexhaustible’ is the most divided,” says Fosberry. “There are no obvious thematic musical links between the first and second half. But they exist, and as it is the album closer, I wanted to paint a picture of opposites, of contrasts, of asymmetry. Both pain and love are inexhaustible, horror and beauty… all the subtext was there in the creation of the music. Or you can just enjoy this section as the banger it is.”

Head to the label’s Bandcamp to pre-order.


01. The Sorrow
02. Bad Nail
03. The Black Night Satellite
04. Sinpathy
05. Drops Of Pain
06. The Inexhaustible