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Debut Transmission: Ontal – Spasm



Inner Surface Music is an outlet for the grittier side of techno. The tracks that you lock away in the deepest  corners of your record collection lest someone find out about your dark secret. Curated by  AnD, a Mancunian-based-power-techno-duo and Run Out Run label boss Tom Dicicco, the label welcomes its tenth release, which is in the hands of eight very capable artists.

The beauty of getting together a collective of like-minded yet resolved artists is that while the fabric of the compilation is designed around the same corners of the genre, each artist brings their signature sound to the table. Featuring new works from the likes of Sleeparchive, Perc and Gaja is worth the price admittance for its opening cut alone with of the eight new tracks on offer seemingly hellbent on stealing the spotlight from their illustrious compilation counterparts.

The real star of the show though comes from Ontal. The duo made an appearance on Inner Surface Music last excursion with a particularly impressive remix of EomacFrozen Souls, so it’s no real surprise that they’ve been invited back. Spasm’ is the sonic manifestation of a freight train commandeered by Beelzebub himself, on a crash course into an orphanage. Little can prepare you for the onslaught as the track opens with beefy kicks and sirens. Two minutes in and we are given glimpse of the synth/weapon of choice, which proceeds to grow, morph and squelch its way throughout the track. This is a track that should be saved strictly for peak times, with a guarantee of carnage.

In short we can’t praise this album enough, it combines originality with dance floor sensibilities for a dynamite package of brutal unadulterated techno. We must warn you however  – if the cast of the album didnt already – please approach with care


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