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Debut Transmission: Oli Furness – Decisions (Alden Tyrell Remix)


DEXT003_Digital copy
DEXT Recordings
is going from strength to strength at the moment. Only established last year, the London label is preparing to add another two reputable names to a roster that already includes Dubspeeka, Appleblim and Bodyjack.

The two names in question? Oli Furness and Alden Tyrell. Yes that’s right, one of Manchester’s shining lights and a Clone regular, together on the same record; what more could we ask for? Due out next month, Furness’ Decisions EP marks DEXT’s third release and collects 4 tracks of tough techno, infused with jungle and acid house.

Our premiere today, Alden Tyrell’s remix of the title-track is just about as mean as they come. The Rotterdam producer (no he’s not from Highgarden) takes the gruff original and ups the ante, driving through with an aggressive four-to-the-floor pump and twisted vocal.

The Decisions EP will see a vinyl release on June 1st, followed by digital copies on June 15th.

Decisions EP Tracklist:

01. Decisions
02. Jungle Book
03. Decisions (Alden Tyrell Remix)
04. Let It Go


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