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Debut Transmission: Nightgeist – Some Kinda Feeling (Dr. Kucho! Remix)


Dr. Kucho!

House Trained are set to release ‘Some Kinda Feeling’ – the new single by Nightgeist – exclusively via Beatport this coming Monday (February 15th).

The UK trio is formed of Si, vocalist Bekka and original Together member Suddi Raval, who previously appeared on House Trained with a 21st century rework of his former group’s 1990 hit ‘Hardcore Uproar’.

‘Some Kinda Feeling’ comes complete with remixes from Jaegerossa and Spanish house veteran Dr. Kucho!, the latter of which you can stream below. For all the latest from House Trained, check out the label’s Facebook page & Nightgeist here.

Update: Pick up a copy of the full EP exclusively via Beatport now!