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Debut Transmission: Napoleon vs Dave Seaman vs Bakradze – Heart Me Again Lulu (King Unique Rework)


King Unique Promo 1 - Full Size (1mb)
Here at Data Transmission we’ve always been a little hesitant when it comes to mash-ups; too many rappers dropped over classic rock or synth pop has left us mentally scarred. Step forward Chester’s King Unique, with a bootleg rework combining three top dogs of contemporary dance; we think we’ve just been converted!

Combining Napoleon’s ‘Heart Of Night’, Dave Seaman’s ‘Justified Replacement Of Lulu (Joeski Remix)’ and ‘Kiss Me Again’ by Bakradze, Unique weaves a tech house groover with a tropical twist.

The tracks are taken from Unique’s new 25-track Beyond Borders: London compilation for Armada, which includes a full 77-minute mix. Said to blend “old school drum ‘n’ bass and speed garage soundsets with the bump and groove of melodic house” the album is the first in a new mix series; Unique explains the concept via press release: “There’s no preconception; there are no expectations placed on the artist stylistically, the mix is literally ‘without borders’. The only anchor is that it be tied to a place, and even how literally that is taken is up for grabs.”

Kicking things off Unique wanted to explore the”musical mutation and graffiti scrawled grooves” of London. “I’m now mining the weirder techy end of the underground, in a scene where the ‘90s heritage is as relevant as when I started. I’m a ‘90s house coelacanth, an actual ‘90s producer that the kids can gawp at and prod with sticks,” he jests. “There are some bits of music on here that I adore more than my children.”

Beyond Borders: London (mixed by King Unique) drops today and we’ve included the full album tracklist for your approval, below the stream.



01. King Unique – Where One Day Ends (Intro Mix)
02. Dems – Never Have Never Will (Original Mix)
03. Napoleon – Dawn (Original Mix)
04. Bakradze – Kiss Me Again (Original Mix)
05. Dave Seaman – Justified Replacement Of Lulu (Joeski Remix)
06. Napoleon – Heart Of Night (Original Mix)
07. Werner Niedermeier & Master Seb – Guitto (Jerome Pacman Remix)
08. Ashworth & Kiwi – Alaska (Original Mix)
09. Robert Babicz – ToneFabrik (Dubspeeka Remix)
10. Da Syk – Quantum Entanglement (Original Mix)
11. Eckoclick – Dream In Colour (2ndSun Remix)
12. Madloch – Walls (King Unique Remix)
13.Danism & Rae and Rae – Sirens (Original Mix)
14. Sotela & Javier Portilla feat. Emalaine – Your Eyes (Original Mix)
15. Joost Kumtome – A03 (What Ya Got) (Original Mix)
16. Daniel Trim – Our Light (Original Mix)
17. Billy Kenny – Work (Original Mix)
18 Artifact – Let Go (Original Mix)
19. 2ndSun – Shimmer (Original Mix)
20 Grum – Sunday Blue Sky (King Unique Remix)
21. Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs x Anna Lunoe – Feels Like (Original Mix)
22. Kölsch feat. Gregor Schwellenbach – Cassiopeia (Original Mix)
23. Kastis Torrau feat. Amber Long – Menace (King Unique’s Beats)
24. King Unique – Without Boxes (Petrels Remix)
25. King Unique – The Next Begins (Outro)
26. King Unique – Beyond Borders: London (Mixed by King Unique) (Full Continuous Mix)


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