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Debut Transmission: Moonbootica – June (Étienne De Crécy Remix)



Longevity for the most part, is not something that’s usually associated with electronic music, a genre that moves so fast it often leaves those who stop to pause for breadth in its wake. Thus for a track to still get the reaction that Moonbootica’s ‘June’ does – despite the Hamburg duo playing it in every single set they’ve delivered for over a decade – is a stunning testament to the cut’s enduring appeal.

Having decided to finally breathe in some fresh life into their signature tune with a number of new new interpretations not only from themselves but Teenage Mutants, Ante Perry, Tagteam Terror and Hell Yes last summer, the veteran pairing have now decided to repeat the trick this winter, drafting in Animal Trainer, Italo Brutalo, Sharam Jey, Topspin and Étienne de Crécy to deliver another set of reworks guaranteed to get you thawing out those boogying muscles.

Set to arrive November 23rd, we’ve got just the thing to tide you over until the inbound set of remixes land, having secured Mr. de Crécy’s rework for your listening pleasures today, because, well, ya know, we’re nice like that. Check it out below.

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