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Debut Transmission: Maxim Lany – Nerve


Lany Recordings
head honcho Maxim Lany offers up an exclusive premiere from his new 4-tracker, The Craving.

Based out of Ghent, the Belgian’s label is dedicated to supporting local talent, whilst maintaining a presence in the wider house scene, having released music from the likes of Kolombo, Larse and Tube & Berger. Meanwhile, Lany himself has seen his own records put out through esteemed imprints such as Bedrock, Kittball and King Street Sounds.

Closing out his new EP, Lany’s Debut Transmission ‘Nerve’ is a low-slung, eerie affair, pairing a heady, glutinous bassline with an irresistible groove. Just try listening to it without rolling your shoulders or nodding your head, go on we dare you…

The Craving EP is out April 4th, head over to the label Beatport to grab a copy then.


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