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Debut Transmission: Manuel Moreno – I Don’t Sleep At Night


Screen Shot 2015-05-23 at 10.02.13
Manuel Moreno makes a grand return to Hive Audio this month, with 7-minutes of sultry deep house.

As its name would suggest, ‘I Don’t Sleep At Night’ is made for the late hours (or should that be the very early); low slung with a hypnotising vocal, the track yearns for the misty darkness of the dancefloor. Reportedly taking over a year to complete and sign to the label, we imagine the Swiss producer¬†had many a sleepless night in his quest for studio perfection – but oh how it’s been worth the wait!

‘I Don’t Sleep At Night’ is available to download now via Beatport, and will go on sale everywhere else on Monday 25th May. Hit up Moreno’s website for all the latest from him.


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