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Debut Transmission: Lehar – Number One Hero (Peter Pardeike Remix)



What if we told you that you could enjoy the sound of tomorrow today, would you be interested? Forgive for getting all Morpheus on you – that’s the black guy from The Matrix for all you teeny boppers out there – but we’re a little bit excited here at Data Transmission HQ and Italian producer Lehar’s latest production, Number One Hero,  is to blame.

Making his debut on Diynamic’s sister label 2DIY4, we’ve been unable to get his new single – or its two accompanying remixes – off our office playlist since it arrived in our bulging inbox last month and so set about securing one of the record’s three incarnations for exclusive premiere.

Unfortunately for us, we were given the opportunity to have our pick of the litter. Much head scratching then ensued and after multiple shouting matches and a narrowly won vote, the ayes had it and we decided that Cologne producer Peter Pardeike’s rework was ever so slightly more our cup of tea. That’s not to say we don’t love Engrave LTD boss Musumeci’s version, we do, and with both are set to pick up heavy play in a club near you soon, we’re sure you will too. Until then check out you can stream Pardeike’s rerub below. You’ll be glad you did.


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