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Debut Transmission: Krakaur – Bleak 2


YBZ004 Cover Art
is set to clock in release number five, as Krakaur readies his Bleak EP for the boutique, Stateside label.

Consisting of 6 original cuts of crumpled ambient and desolate, industrialised electronica – plus a selection of remixes from the likes of JAKOBY, Suplington and DAVEM – the Bleak EP follows in the melodic, yet slightly unhinged footsteps of Youngbloods’ recent Hollow Forms compilation.

New York’s Krakaur explores beat-driven territories, whilst maintaining a sparse aesthetic through textured soundscapes. One of the more structurally defined tracks, our personal favourite and Debut Transmission, ‘Bleak 2’, offers a subtle take on footwork/juke with a nod towards Machinedrum‘s 2013 LP, Vapor City.

The Bleak EP will be available here from September 4th, and Youngbloods have announced further plans for early 2016, when the label will drop Krakaur’s self-titled, debut album – a collection of new material and previously self-released work. The full EP tracklist is provided beneath the stream.

Bleak EP Tracklist:

01. Cold
02. Alaska
03. Concave
04. Bleak
05. Bleak 2
06. Rinse
07. Rinse (JAKOBY Remix)
08. Bleak (Suplington Remix)
09. Rinse (DAVEM Remix)
10. Synco [BONUS]
11. Bleak (Kallie Lampel Remix) [BONUS]


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