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Debut Transmission: Kasperg – Until U’re Gone



You know you’re getting older when the artists you’re watching emerge start to be younger than you are. Some people might find that a bit startling but as long as the talent coming through the ranks is producing music at the quality that Kasperg is we couldn’t care less how old he is.

A prodigious talent hailing from Helsinki, Kasper Granroth has taken the electronic music would by storm since arriving on the scene a few years back quickly forging a fierce reputation for his work in the studio and winning heavy support from some of the industry’s key tastemakers.

Having toured around Europe as the percussionist for acclaimed rapper Noah Kin and in band Constables, Kasper used his multi-instrumental skills to develop his own live show featuring a full set-up and accompanying visuals.

Sharing his latest cut, ‘Until U’re Gone’ exclusively with us ahead of what looks set to be his biggest year yet, we feel like we’re very much in the right place at the right time. Get yourself acquainted with his work below.