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Debut Transmission: Karma – Saturation Point


VARIOUS - Point Of Origin Vol 1 (1)
Shogun Audio
has long been home to many of the modern titans of drum & bass; Icicle, Rockwell, Alix Perez… the list goes on. But head honcho, Ed Friction, isn’t one to sit back and rest on his laurels – particularly now he’s the public face of the genre over on BBC Radio 1 – he’s always keeping an ear to the ground, hunting for the next heavyweights.

Hence comes Point Of Origin Vol. 1, a brand new Shogun compilation celebrating the heroes of tomorrow, such as Paul SG, Safire and Posij, and a few of today’s top dogs, like Nickbee, Zero-T and DT favourite, Need For Mirrors.

The album offers a varied selection of styles, but sat firmly at the ten-tonne tech end of the spectrum is Karma (who is also the only producer to land two tracks on the release). A stone cold stepper built around twisted, retching sonics, ‘Saturation Point’ will undoubtedly cause absolute turmoil on the floor. We smell a Shogun Warrior in the making!

Point Of Origin Vol. 1 is set to drop September 11th on vinyl, CD and on iTunes, in the meantime you can stream ‘Saturation Point’ by Karma, and check out the full tracklist, below.


01. Ed:it – Centre Suite (Vinyl Sampler)
02. Posij – Shieldbreaker (Vinyl Sampler)
03. Karma – Saturation Point
04. Need For Mirrors – Nevertheless ft. Steo
05. Voltage – Suspicious (Vinyl Sampler)
06. Liz-E – My Heart ft Lauren Archer
07. Zero-T – One For Me (Vinyl Sampler)
08. Paul SG & Soultec – Wishful Thinking
09. Karma – Sleepless Nights
10. Simplification & Translate – Desire
11. Safire – Chance For Change
12. Nickbee – Elysium
13. Coleco – Raveworx


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