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Debut Transmission: Jo Pariota – Art Of Plasm



Something rather special landed in our inbox this week at the Data Transmission HQ from London based Spanish import Flumo Recordings, showcasing label new comer Jo Pariota.

Naples born Jo spent some time across the pond in formulating his sound in Brooklyn before making a triumphant return home and we have to say the variety of influences on his work certainly seem to have paid dividends. DJing out since the tender age of 17 Joseph cut his teeth in the house scene making raw, sample based, deep sun-licked 4×4 patterns until late at night and now he appears set to take his production career to the next level.

To put it simply we fallen in love with the whole EP which has been on constant repeat since we first received it.  Flumo caught on to this guy early so expect big things on the horizon.


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