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Debut Transmission: Holt Blackheath – Desolate



Holt Blackheath. Now, if ever a DJ had a name that sounded like it could be the latest addition to the cast of Game Of Thrones, surely this would be it. Fortunately for us, Holt isn’t joining the hit HBO show – well not yet at least – and continues to find his way as one of electronic music’s fastest rising stars.

Landing on Amine Edge & DANCE‘s latest compilation, CUFF Vol. 4,  Holt’s work rubs shoulders with cuts from label favourites The Beatangers & Boogie ViceNick Hannam & Hott Like Detroit and Sweet Jack  as the all conquering French house duo continue to shine a light on emerging talent from across the globe.

Offering up ten club-facing tracks, you can stream Holt’s contribution ‘Pop It’ below. We’re sure you will. Again and again and again. 


  1. The Beatangers & Boogie Vice – “Beat Rolls”
  2. Nick Hannam & Hott Like Detroit – “Take Yo’ Bitch”
  3. Carloz Sants – “Los Brothers”
  4. Fred Su – “The Boss”
  5. Sweet Jack – “Too Much Love”
  6. AR – “Recently”
  7. Over Layer – “Pop It”
  8. Holt Blackheath – “Desolate”
  9. Kataku – “2DB”
  10. Tamar Sabadini – “Undercover”

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