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Debut Transmission: Gabriels – Amethyst



Is it just us or are producer’s becoming increasingly elusive these days? Sometimes we feel like we’d need to hire a detective just to find out what some of these breaking artists name and home towns are as a swathe of the iPhone generation decide to shun the lime light and let their music do the talking.

The latest name to come to our attention after deciding to emerge from the shadowy recesses of the underground is One Records signing Gabriels, who land on the imprint with what might just be one of the biggest records of the year.

Born in England but based in L.A (this is as much as our private eye could manage to dig up) the mysterious musician set up camp in Beverly Hills, forging a comprehensive studio before being finally ready to unveil his debut release. Titled ‘Amethyst’, the single track effort grabs the listener by the throat off with it’s floor shaking bass, immersive vocals and frenetic energy underpinned by a subtle intensity.

Sure to be getting shazamed on a dancefloor near you in the coming months, you can stay ahead of the curve and get yourself acquainted with ‘Amethyst’ below.