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Debut Transmission: Eduardo De La Calle – Wildheit



If there’s one thing the Spaniards have mastered, it is the perfection of locked grooves with percussion a plenty. That is exactly what Eduardo De La Calle gets bang on. Be As One, for those of you who’ve yet to encounter the label, has always been a reputable source for solid tech-house goodness. The label, ran by Israeli producer Shlomi Aber, clearly has an ear for the more refined and cultured sound of the spectrum so when they announced that the two would be colliding for the release of Eduardo’s Die Hochste Gottliche EP we were expecting big things.

Following on from Markus Suckut’s impressive debut on the imprint, De la Calle serves up two slices of deep, melodic and thoughtful Techno, the opener of which, Wildheit, we have the pleasure of unveiling today. Check it out below.



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