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Debut Transmission: DJ T. – Strictly Rhythm Edits



Legendary house imprint Strictly Rhythm is set to celebrate 25 years in the game with a mega compilation package from DJ T.

A long-time Strictly fan, the Get Physical founder has compiled two 15-track mixes of both classic tracks and some of his personal favourites from the label. Artists include Kenny Dope, Phuture, DJ Pierre, Rare Arts, DJ Sneak, Mood II Swing and Logic – who’s track ‘The Warning’ was DJ T.’s first ever Strictly purchase and so opens Mix 1 – to name but a few.

DJ T. has gone one step further too, re-editing each track to bring it up to date and make it usable in the current club climate and guess what? We’ve only gone and secured a couple of them for exclusive premiere! Yes that’s right, you can now exclusively stream DJ T.’s edits of both Scram’s ‘No Sleep Tonight’ and Hardrives’s ‘Maurice’s Vibe’ courtesy of your old friends here at Data Transmission.

“These old tracks don’t really have a mix-friendly intro and outro; they often just fade out or stop abruptly” DJ T. explains. “I wanted to make these classics easier to use in contemporary sets. To be able to improve a track, so that it becomes interesting and playable for DJs nowadays without changing its essence, that’s my motivation.”

Strictly DJ T.: 25 Years Of Strictly Rhythm is presented across 4 discs, two mixed and two unmixed (featuring 11 tracks each) and is due for release March 1st on vinyl and March 8th on CD/digital. Check out his edits of Scram’s ‘No Sleep Tonight’ and Hardrives’ ‘Maurice’s Vibe’ below and pre-order your copy of 25 Years Of Strictly Rhythm here


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