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Debut Transmission: Dead Man’s Chest – Liquid ’94


Nautilus Front Cover
Following up his outstanding 2014 debut EP, Dreamscapes, Dead Man’s Chest returns to the Ingredients fold with 4 more servings of hardcore/jungle in the form of Nautilus.

The revivalist project of established drum & bass producer Eveson, Dead Man’s Chest focuses in around the 157bpm mark, bringing together the classic sound of skittering breaks, guttural bass and stabs that transport each and every listener back to golden age of the early ’90s (whether they experienced it for real or not). “Dead man‘s chest is simply me delving into and re-imagining the music that got me hooked 20-odd years ago,” the Bristol producer tells Data Transmission.

Opener ‘Liquid ’94’ sets a rough and ready standard for the EP, one that is often missing from productions with a more modern focus. The track feels raw and ancient, but holds a great significance, as if it were responsible for carrying on the memories of long lost ravers.

Stream ‘Liquid ’94’ below, and head over to the Ingredients Webstore from August 8th to pick up a copy of the full Nautilus EP.

Nautilus Tracklist:

01. Liquid ’94
02. Cut-Throat Hardcore
03. Nautilus
04. The Future


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