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Debut Transmission: Davina Moss – Jungle Chic


Davina Moss

Forget Ant and Dec, ‘bushtucker’ trials and Z-list celebrities*, we’ve got the true spirit of the jungle right here as Ibiza based femme fatale Davina returns to the production fold with a new EP for Jamie Jones’ Hot Creations imprint.

Titled ‘Jungle Chic’, the four tracker sees Davina operating under her deeper, more tech house focussed Davina Moss alias and showcases her trademark ability to move dance floors. Aimed squarely at the early hours, each track on offer will no doubt get listeners working out all of those dancing muscles, with the record flitting from tribal sounds to outer space and back again with rolling drum workouts underpinned by weighty basslines firmly the order of the day.

“From the day I finished ‘Jungle Chic’ in the studio, I felt that the vibe aligned perfectly with the Hot Creations sound while keeping some of my French touch,” Davina explains. “As a big fan of Jamie Jones and the crew, I am really excited to release my new EP on Hot Creations.”

Set to arrive December 11th, we’re excited too which is why we went and snapped up the ‘Jungle Chic’ EP’s title track for our latest Debut Transmission. How’s that for a slice of fried gold?

*Non-UK residents may need to look up ‘I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!’ to get this reference. We wouldn’t recommend it.