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Debut Transmission: Dana Ruh – case sensitive



A lot has happened to Dana Ruh since first landing on our radar some years back thanks to her early work on Perspectiv. For one, she’s explored myriad sounds; the likes of which verge between house, techno and experimental planes and have seen her appear on esteemed labels a la Ostgut Ton, Buzzin Fly and Work Them. Recently, however, she really seems to have hit her production stride, with her own work on her Brouqade imprint the sort of grainy, fuzzy house fare that’s not lacking in warmth or personality her well-honed debut album on Jus-Ed’s tastemaking Underground Quality label quite simply blew us away.

Returning to Brouqade for 2015, the three track Yardang EP serves as a firm signal intent for the rest of the year and beyond offering up a trio of cuts aimed squarely at the dancefloor. Set to arrive May 19th we’re sure you’ll be hearing plenty of all three of these little numbers as the temperature begins to rise. Until then, you can stream the EPs opening track ‘case sensitive’ below. Enjoy.

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