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Debut Transmission: Crypticz – Transmissions


inflect005 large-1

Bristol’s Inflect label – home of Coleco – has the knack of turning out producers that make stuff that, although familiar, is completely out there and new at the same time.

Their latest signing Crypticz is no different. Fusing grime’s square wave bass sounds and new melodic tendencies – modulated to fuck – with jungles intricate, characterful drums and clanging half-step snares Crypticz has created an EP that melds everything that is and has been good about music from the last two years into one electric bowl of candy goodness.

Sure it’s simple, but that is part of its charm, make no mistake though, it hits HARD. The package also includes a remix from the in-vogue Moresounds, who has recently had a vinyl excursion with Ninja Tune so whats not to like?

Listen to the gentler closing cut Transmissions below, but make sure you grab the EP so you can hear Magnets and its Moresounds remix in all their glory!

Crypticz’s Magnets EP is out now!